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 Forum Rules

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PostSubject: Forum Rules   Mon Nov 29, 2010 5:31 pm

Hey guys, These are the forum rules:

Linking Other Members

Please don't post if you're only going to link someone to another thread and not answer their question. It's just plain rude. Anyone caught doing this will have their post deleted and will receive a warning.


Posting Style

Do not type as if you're sending a text message from your mobile phone. You have a full sized QWERTY keyboard, so use it correctly. Any txt/sms posts will be edited accordingly, and the originator of the post will get a warning. Repeated warnings will result in a ban.

Internet abbreviations such as "LOL", "ROTFL", "IMO" and "IIRC" are not subject to this rule.


Replying To Spam

This is a pretty obvious but commonly violated rule. Please don't reply to spam threads, it's simple. If someone has posted a thread purely to provoke bad responses, or to be a general pest to the community, report the post and leave it. Replying to it is just adding to the spam and not helping the situation at all.



You should all know this rule by now. Please do not flame other members on this forum. There is no place on this forum for discussions and arguments that involve petty insults and harsh flaming. If you have a problem with another member you can easily contact an admin. I'm not a fan of zero tolerance rules so they won't apply here, I'll warn you if you flame someone before doing anything ban-wise.


Spamming & Flooding

Spamming to increase post count will not be tolerated and will be most likely treated with a PPD restriction.

Flooding the forum is posting many, many times in a short space of time. It's usually done so that the person doing it can have their name attached to the end of each thread in the forum. If your posts offer nothing and you're clearly doing this, they will be deleted and you will be warned.


Duplicate Threads

Please look through the thread index before making a thread, unless of course your thread is about your specific game and therefore won't be in the thread index. It saves time and hassle; if you make a duplicate thread it will be closed and set for deletion and you will be linked to the original. Of course, I'm not going to try grouping all discussion together so this rule will be more relaxed than it may seem.


Thanks for taking time to read, Now go enjoy the forum

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Forum Rules
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